by wordsaladworld

Two members of my bipolar disorder support group helped Pathways. They contacted Kate Santich of the Orlando Sentinel (Pathways is located in Orlando, FL) and told her about the fire that destroyed half of Pathways six months ago. The story ran March 7, 2014. The Sentinel also included a short video online describing what kind of organization Pathways is and shows the fire’s damage.

My bipolar group has been extremely helpful to Pathways even though they’ve never been there. I talk about Pathways a lot during our weekly meetings. My group has donated food, clothing, arts and crafts supplies and money.

Nelson, Pathways’ founder and director, discovered that the foundation of the area that burned down was not up to code and will need to be replaced. This adds a lot more expense. Pathways has a shortfall in their operating budget because of cuts in their county government grant. Pathways could end up closing an additional day a week if they don’t get help with their operating expenses. Pathways needs to serve an average of at least 35 mental health consumers a day in order to hold on to their county grant. Pathways is open six days a week. If they drop down to five days a week, their average of consumers served will drop and they may lose their county grant as a result. Pathways’ clients are suffering enough. If Pathways ceases to exist, they will lose services that they cannot get anywhere else.,0,165589.story